2018 Invitation to Cadet Encampment Webinar Series

Posted 04/12/2018

Ladies & Gentlemen,

 I’d like to invite you to join us for a live webinar series kicking off this week to help prepare for encampments.  Technology is making it easier for CAP as a national organization to standardize training and lift one another up in terms of program quality. This spring, we’ll host a webinar series for prospective encampment cadre and staff so that those individuals have an opportunity to hear practical tips on how to perform their jobs well. We’ll have some superb people from across the nation leading the webinars in a panel discussion, with opportunity for audience participation as well. 

 Participants will need to pre-register, but everyone is welcome. No prior approval from the chain of command is needed for this opportunity, and cadets don’t even need to possess a cadre assignment to participate. In fact, if a cadet participates in a webinar before interviewing for a cadre slot, that experience should make him or her a more competitive candidate.  

 Join us to get some tips and tricks for encampment.  Anyone who would like to may join the webinar, no prior authorization is necessary, simply click the link below to register.  We’ll be hosting the sessions on Thursdays at 7 pm Central time.  The sessions will also be recorded for viewing later if you are not able to join us for the live events.  Check out www.gocivilairpatrol.com/cadetwebinars.  



Primary Audience

Secondary Audience

Proposed Date

Cadet Executive Staff – Setting the Tone


Commandants, CCs

Thursday, April 12th, 7 pm Central

Flight Staff Responsibilities & Tips for Success

Flight CC, Flt Sgt

1 Sgt, Sq CC, Adults

Thursday, April 19th, 7 pm Central

Training Officers – The Chaperone/Mentor Balancing Act

Training Officers

Commandants, CCs

Thursday, April 26th, 7 pm Central

Also, please mark your calendars for May’s cadet webinars on supporting cadets with special needs on May 8th at 12 pm Central and May 9th at 7 pm Central.

 We look forward to talking to you soon.  Thank you for supporting the cadets!